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Q:The WiFi Status on the taskbar indicates that the device is connected to Photool Box network, but Photool
       Box app interface shows a grey icon.
A:Check whether the IP address is correct. If incorrect, try to reconnect to WiFi or set the IP address manually.  

Q:How can I manually set a static IP address?
A:Right-click Network and choose Properties from the drop-down list that appears. Then, click and change adaptor
      setting. Choose Properties and double-click IPV4 (TCP/IP4), enter the static IP address and
      subnet mask, and then click OK.

Q:After Photool box is connected to a display device, the displayed content doesn’t fit the screen.
A:Press the Auto Adjust button on the display device to readjust; or confirm whether the display’s VGA interface
      supports EDID, or else replace the VGA connecting cable.

Q:After Photool is connected to a projector, some of the layered floating interfaces are not displayed on the pro-
A:This is because some software requires special processing, for example, Xunlei. Click the button below to
      enter the Advanced mode, and the floating interfaces shall be displayed.

Q:After display works normally, the screen suddenly freezes, images are not synchronized or a blue screen
A:Check whether the transmission distance exceeds 15m; or check whether there is any strong electromagnetic
      interference device near Photool Box.

Q:Cannot connect to Photool Box.
A: Check whether the WiFi password is correct; or check whether the network card supports WPA-PSK encryp-
      tion mode.

Q:Why does Photool Box app disconnect after being connected for a certain period of time?
A: Check whether the computer network card or its driver is working properly, or whether the computer is
       installed with multiple wireless network cards connecting simultaneously?

Q:Do I need to select an output mode each time I use Photool Box?
A:No. Photool Box automatically identifies the connection status for HDMI and VGA. If there is a connection
      through both interfaces, first priority will be given to HDMI output, and VGA will be given second priority.