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Rules for After-sales Service - Warranty

Dear Guest

Thank you for choosing our products.

All the products we sold have gone through strict ex-factory inspection and provided with perfect after-sales service guarantee. Please read carefully the terms of service below to safeguard your interests.

1.Host of the product is provided with 1 year warranty for free and guaranteed for replacement of the product that cannot   be repaired. Accessories are guaranteed for replacement within 3 months if there is any quality problem; no mainte-nance is available in general.

2.Warranty coverage is restricted to damages caused by normal use. Burn marks inside the device or clear physical damages on the exterior of any components are not covered by warranty.

3.For any product for which extended warranty is purchased, clause 2 shall be applicable within the extended warranty  period.

4.We will complete repair within 10 days for products covered under warranty. If a product cannot be repaired, we will replace the product with a new product unconditionally.  

5.During the warranty period, the customer shall bear expenses to courier the product to the after-sales service center, and Photool will cover the cost for couriering the product back to the customer.

6.We still provide technical support and after-sales service for at least 5 years after the warranty period expires.